Our book keeping services gives you the facility to calculate the figures for your VAT return quite easily, providing that the information has been entered correctly.

If SABS are doing your book keeping, then you can rest assured that the VAT figures will be correct. We can do your manual VAT return for you, if you are worried about getting the correct figures into HM Revenue & Customs each quarter.

Obviously calculating the VAT manually takes much longer than having it done on Software, so why not get SABS to take over your book keeping, and save time, headaches and money.

Why Use SABS

  • We take control of your VAT requirements.
  • We aim to meet all the statutory deadlines.
  • We advise on your VAT setup – the way your account for VAT may not be suitable for your Business.
  • We solve problem – if you have VAT issues we can get to the root cause and solve it.
  • Issues – we have ability for effective negotiation with HMRC


VAT Services – Detail

  • Production of the VAT Return on Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis.
  • Online filing and registration and de registration of VAT Return.
  • Monthly Quarterly or Annual submission.
  • VAT inspection preparation and attendance
  • All bookkeeping treatment within your Accounts

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